Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lucky, Our New Kitten

Kitty Story: Our friends, the Bannings, have two labs. One of the labs found four kittens behind their shed. It carried them to the back door. The mother had been shot and killed by neighbor boys, and only one of the kittens lived. They bottle fed it for 10 days, but Karen was allergic to cats, so Janet told us about it and we went down there to see it. Daymon told us the story and Janet said to Sam, "Don't you want to save this kitty?" Sam said, "How did I get involved in this?" (after we had to have our dog put to sleep, he had said that we wouldn't be having any other animals). We ended up taking her home. Tara kept it for two weeks before her kids left for the summer and they fed it and had a great time with it. We have had her since Memorial Day and she is growing up, but still pretty little! It is VERY playful and attacks anything, even if it is not moving:) The grandkids love it and the first thing Andi says when she comes over is, "Where is the kitty?" We named her Lucky because she was lucky to be alive!

Paige feeding the kitten

Paige holding kitty in blanket in car seat:)

Andi holding her

Savannah feeding the kitten

Grandma Richards feeding Lucky(they kittensat while we were at Disneyland)

Andi and Lucky

They were both asleep:)

Lucky (does anyone recognize anything in this pic?)

Lucky and Sam

Lucky in her play mode

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Birthday at Disneyland:)

It was my birthday on June 5th, so we went to Disneyland (because you get in free on your birthday), well, the day before was Kaylie's birthday and Jacob and Tara and all the kids went to Disneyland, so they stayed over and went with us too! We had a great time and if you notice the birthday button I'm wearing, everyone that saw me that worked for Disneyland kept wishing me Happy Birthday....I've never been told that so many times in all my life! We had a great time at the Happiest Place on Earth!

Here we all are (except Tara & Paige, who went to see the Princesses) on Space Mountain

Sam and Kathy

Sam took a LOT of pictures at Disneyland (some were for his photography class:)

Sam showing off pics from his new camera:)





Kathy, Nate, Hannah, Jacob, Paige, Savannah, Kaylie & Tara

Paige and Jacob on the Tea Cups(Tara, the rest of the kids & grandma had gone over to California Adventures and Jacob, Paige and grandpa Sam stayed in Fantasyland and "played" (guess who took the pics:)

Jacob and Paige on Casey Jr's Train

Paige and Jacob on the Carousel