Monday, June 22, 2009

APRIL 2009

Aunt Tanya and Sammy

Grandma Richards, Tanya, Cole and Grandpa Richards

Cole, Uncle Thad and Sammy

Grandpa Richards and Cole

Thad, Brittany, Grandma Richards and Grandpa Richards

Sam, Tanya, Cole and Tara

Sam's Birthday

Tara, Grandma Richards, Tanya

Tanya, Tara and Thad

Cole feeding the koi fish with Grandpa Sam and mommy Tanya

Tanya brought a huge bag of sand and tiny shells from Morro Bay, and she and Tara are sorting through to find the tiny shells at the bottom of the driveway:)

Tanya and Cole

Nate, Andi, Kaylie, Sammy, Savannah, Paige, Cole and Hannah (cute grandkids, huh?)

Andi covering up poor Rusty dog because she thought he was cold (he had had a stroke)

Kaylie standing in the Krumm/McNeil garden

Savannah and Cole

The Great Rocket Launch had to have an audience:)

Jacob, Nate and Thad preparing for the rocket launch!

Tara and Paige

Tanya and Cole

Savannah's 10th Birthday