Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our Summer So Far!

Jacob and Tara's clan getting ready to go home:)
At the swimmin' hole in Chico with Jacob, Tara and kids and Matt and Tenille
Tanya and Billy's little boy Cole in his new swing:)
Aunt Tanya helped Savannah, Kaylie, Nate and Hannah do a craft b4 they left for home.

Grandma Bulkeley and little Cole.
Tanya, Cole and me at the Teddy Bear Picnic in Corvallis, Oregon
Me and Cole in the back yard next to the stream.
Grandma and Cole
Cole in his wagon "helping" dad with his carport
Jacob, Tanya, Billy and Cole (back), Paige,Tara, Hannah, Savannah, Kaylie and Nate (front)
Tara, Paige, Tanya and Cole on a walk up the logging road.
Kaylie, Hannah, Nate, Tara, Paige, Tanya, Savannah and Cole ready for a walk.
Paige watching Doodlebops in the car (notice the inventive way to make the headphones fit:)
Nate, Kaylie, Savannah, Hannah, Tenille, Paige and Jacob at a park in Chico.
Paige and Kaylie
Tenille, Cole and Matt on Mother's Day
Savannah, Tara, Tanya and Cole at the park in Bakersfield
Cousins, Andi and Paige
Tanya, Thad and Cole
Hannah and Savannah