Monday, July 26, 2010

July Catchup Blog:)

Sam took the Young Single Adults to camp at Alder Creek Campground
Kathy got to go to Girls' Camp this year, and it started out with a raft ride:) (Me with Robin Schafer)
The whole first year Youth Leaders group on a hike
Kaylie's birthday cake ( age 9)
Thad and Sam got first place in a contest at Father's Day for look alike father and son
Father's Day (Jacob & Thad standing and Grandpa Richards and Sam sitting)
Paige and Andi moved all the chairs to face the "stage" to perform for us
Here is the audience for the show:)
The performance that just kept on going and going and going.....they thought it was great!
Paige and Andi....friends and cousins:)
Tara and Brittany changed the hats for the dance group from this to:
this....Andi and Paige all dolled up for the dance recital
Andi and Paige in the pool
Jacob, Tara, Brittany & Sammy, Thad, Annie and Rhodri at the Richards for BBQ
Easter with Savannah, Hannah, Andi, Kaylie & Paige

Sam, Tanya, Rita & Brent at Tara's for Savannah & Sam's birthdays
Thad and Brittany made this sign for the "man cave" that Sam is adding onto our house
Savannah's birthday (age 11)
When the little kids got off the trampoline, Brittany and Tanya just couldn't resist!
Tara and Tanya's turn:)
Jacob and Tanya watch Cole and Sammy on the trampoline
Kaylie, Savannah, Hannah and Nate playing the game "Thin Ice" that Savannah got for her bday
Sammy and Cole "utilizing" Thad's fountain:)
Tanya, Cole and Tara
Thad, Sammy, Tara, Grandpa Richards, Paige, Grandma Richards, Andi, Sam & Tanya
Tara and Kathy went to Disneyland ALONE!!! This is Tara on the horse drawn carriage on Main Street
Tara & Kathy in front of Cinderella's castle at Disneyland
We got stuck on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, so we took a picture of ourselves in the mirror while waiting to be "saved"
Waiting for a ride at Disneyland (Tara & Kathy)
Princess Paige at her 4th birthday (out of order, should have been first)