Friday, November 27, 2009

Visit to Tenille & Tanya's October 2009

Sam, Tara and I went to Paradise to visit with Tenille & Matt in their new home. (Tenille, Tara & Sam were all taking pics with their "fancy" cameras)

We went to the Johnny Appleseed Days just down the street from Matt & Tenille's house.

Tenille found this toilet seat that had fly fishing flies embedded in the plastic....too funny:)

Sam moved their water fountain from the middle of the lawn to this location in front of the house.

Matt just got home from work in his police stuff.

Tenille put tickets in a quilting club raffle at the Johnny Appleseed Days booth and she won 3 quilts!

We went to the mountains and it was very cold, so we found a fire pit that still had coals in it and made a well needed fire.
Tara, Tenille, Daisy dog and Sam (in the background messing with his camera:)
Tenille helping Tara to fly fish.

Sam, Tenille, Tara and Kathy on our mountain excursion.

After Sam & Tara left for Bako, Tenille & I had to put puzzles together at the park, of course!
Kathy and Toonybug at the park. Then I took a train to Albany, Oregon to visit with Tanya, Billy & Cole Terry.
Cole went with Tanya and I on a hike to the property behind their house in Corvallis, Oregon
Tanya made balloon airplanes for Cole's 2nd birthday party.
Cole on the deck outside (what a cutie pie:)
Cole loves to pour water over his head while in the bathtub(see the water coming down his face?)
They had Cole's birthday party at a pizza parlor
Cole getting ready to eat his pizza with mom, Tanya, helping him.
Time for the cake (he wouldn't blow out the candles, but he wanted the airplane on the cake)
Cole helped open a few presents, but then he wanted to play with them, so the rest of the kids at the party "helped" him by opening up the rest of the presents.

Tanya and two year old Cole:)

Cole got a new big boy bed that was made by Poppy Dave, his Grammie Terry's husband.