Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hannah's Baptism

Hannah & her daddy, Jacob on her baptism day

Oceanside Trip Feb 2009

Paige, Savannah & Kaylie at the Oceanside Beach
There were so many sand dollars at the beach, that they could only keep 5 and Tara threw the rest back into the ocean. This is Paige surveying the catch.
Paige, Savannah & Kaylie digging in the sand.
Kaylie's 5 sanddollars she could keep.
Grandpa Richards helping Savannah with her homework:)
Going to the beach in style!
The three musketeers....Paige, Kaylie & Savannah in the condo
Grandpa & Grandma Richards on the Coaster going from Oceanside to Old Town, San Diego
Paige, Kaylie & Savannah riding the Coaster train.
Kaylie, Paige and Savannah in a covered wagon at Old Town, San Diego
Grandpa Richards helping Savannah with RummyO
Grandpa Richards holding the string so Kaylie can braid.
Packing up to go back home.....the group: Grandpa & Grandma Richards, Kaylie, Paige, Savannah and Tara
We're ready to go home now!

The Wii Bands

Savannah, Hannah & Paige
Savannah, Hannah, Nate and Grandpa Bulkeley doing Rock Band at the Krumm's
Uncle Thad and Grandpa Sam doing Rock Band!
Grandpa Bulkeley and the grandkids rocking out:)

Hannah & Tara's Birthdays

Tara's 32nd Birthday
Hannah's 8th Birthday

Andi's 3rd Birthday

Andi enjoying her birthday cupcake:)
Andi opening her presents
Tenille, Matthew & Baby Sammy at Andi's Birthday