Sunday, June 6, 2010

Easton Matthew Gates is born!

Tenille washing her truck the day before she went to the hospital to have baby Easton
At the hospital ready for her one hour walk to get her delivery progressing
Matt and Tenille doing the waiting game
Tenille and Kathy waiting too!
Tanya arrived in Paradise at 12 midnight and Tenille had Easton at 2:58am (close call!)
Daddy Matt holding Easton's hand while he had tests done right after his birth.
Father and Son hospital photo
Mommy Tenille gets to hold Easton for the first time after her cesarean.
First family photo
Grandma Kathy and baby Easton
Aunt Tanya and baby Easton
Another family pic

Proud Daddy Matthew
Sisters Tenille & Tanya in hospital room
Aunt Tanya and Easton all wrapped up like a burrito:)
Mommy Tenille and Easton
Grandma and baby Easton

Cute little family
Grandma and Easton
Coming home from the hospital (two days old)
Grandpa Doug and Grandma Gayle holding Easton for the first time
Tenille glad to be home with baby
Aunt Tanya with a very alert baby Easton
Do they look happy or what???
Mommy Tenille changing baby Easton (she's a pro now!) (Matt changed most of the diapers in the hospital and is still a very hand-on daddy today...way to go Matthew!)
Tenille in her photo studio taking pictures of baby Easton
Daddy and son
Aunt Tanya made Easton this hat...he looks like a little elf:)
What an angel!
He slept all through the changes of positions and venues...amazing!
Grandma Kathy and Easton on the day she left. Easton was 6 days old then.
Hard to leave that little cutie pie. He is such a good baby!
Goodbye to the Gates home (Easton is waving goodbye)