Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas 2008

Tara, Tenille (holding baby Sammy) and Thad

Paige & Andi (two of our wisemen? had to be brought from the toy room for their part:)

The mighty shepherds (Thad & Jacob)

The Nativity cast: Andi, Kaylie, Paige, Savannah, Hannah & Nate

The reading of the Santa letter (Savannah, Grandpa Bulkeley, Nate, Hannah & Kaylie

Sam's first year reading the Santa letter

Walt and Robin Ray (Brittany's parents) and Grandpa and Grandma Richards

Ron and Patti Bulkeley and Matt & Tenille Gates

Brittany's brother, Braydon, had just had foot surgery before Christmas!

Grandma & Grandpa Richards had fun with all of us too!
(Probably glad it wasn't at their house this year:)

Every child got monkey jammies & curious george from Santa:)
Kaylie, Savannah, Hannah(back) Andi, Paige, Nate (front)

Cousin Savannah with baby Sammy

Baby Sammy(Thad & Brittany's little boy)

Tara & Tenille are happy...what about Sammy?:)

Thad, Tara & Tenille (missing Tanya:(

Jacob, Tara, Matthew, Tenille, Brittany, and Thad