Saturday, June 30, 2007


Well, since my LOVELY, BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED daughter set up my blog a few months ago and SHE had to do my first blog, thot I'd better do it myself! I hope it works, because I am an OLD lady w/tons of dead brain cells;)

I want to start with something happy & good. Tanya is expecting the first of October with Cole Terry and we are very excited! Linda Terry(Billy's mom) had a shower for her last Saturday and it was wonderful. Tanya looks so cute with her little belly:)

I downloaded the wrong camera, so will post pics of the shower later.

We had a Father's Day celebration here and had Jacob, Tara, Hannah, Nate, Paige, Thad, Brittany & times:) Here is a pic of Sam w/his goods:)

Now for the bad things....they come in 3, right? First, I lost my job after 8 years (they eliminated my position) whatever that means. So I am unemployed and loving it! Time for the grandchildren:) A month after that, our cat never came home and I went to the animal shelter every other day and Tenille & Matthew made fliers and took them door-to-door, but no Honey:(

While visiting the shelter, I kept seeing a siamese cat that kept meowing & reaching for me, so when she came up for adoption, I asked Sam if we could have her, and low and behold, he actually agreed to it!!! (I decided the permission route was better than the forgiveness route)

Here is a pic of the new cat (yet unnamed)

But the last bad thing was I wrecked the Suburban (bad thing #3) on the same day we got our new bedroom furniture. Now I'm out of bad things, right?

I realize this is my first blog, but maybe I will do better as I go along:)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

HI! My name is Kathy Bulkeley and my awesome,talented daughter Tenille made me this really neat blog so that i can keep in touch with her while shes away in Chico! The problem IS that she made this for me months ago and i havent written A THING on it.. but thats gunna change from now on! :0) heheh ;0)I LOVE YOU MOM! Let me know whats goin on with you!? xoxo ~toonybug