Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baby Sammy is HERE!!

Grandma Bulkeley with baby Samuel Brent Bulkeley. Weighed 7lbs 8 oz, 19 3/4 inches tall.
Proud daddy Thad with his new son;0
Sammy was having his hearing checked when I got to the hospital. It was fine!
After Sammy was born at 11:59pm on Wednesday, October 29th, Thad & Brittany both slept in the hospital bed....he said the recliner wasn't comfortable enough:)
Andi and Sammy
Sammy, Andi and Brittany
Andi and Sammy
Uncle Bradon, sister Andi and Sammy
Andi and her new little brother
Andi didn't want a family picture....she wanted to sit back in the chair and hold HER baby!
I guess we were boring little Sammy:)
Andi checking out Sammy's feet
Little baby foot with name tag:)
Andi helping mom dress Sammy
Mom and new son
Proud mom and dad with baby Sammy
Isn't he a keeper?

Another Trip Up North:)

Tenille & Matt took me to Lassen National Park....really pretty and unique:)
Taught Tenille how to knit hats
Tanya reading Cole one of his new books from Grandpa & Grandma Bulkeley
Tanya & Cole in swimming lessons.
Cole's first steps while I was there!
This was in TANYA'S BACKYARD!!!
Me, Tanya & Cole on top of the Seattle Space Needle
Tanya & Cole in front of the fountain at the Seattle Center
My parents in front of their new home:)
Great-grandma Bigelow, Grandma Bulkeley, Tanya & Cole (4 generations)
Great Grandpa Bigelow, Tanya& Cole Terry and Great Grandma Bigelow in Seattle
Me and baby Adeline (my niece's 7 week old baby)
Lisette and baby Adeline
Tanya and baby Adeline in Kent, WA
Lisette, Adeline(baby) and Jeremy(my sister's 1st grandchild)
Carved pumpkins on my visit back through Chico. Tenille with her masterpiece;)
The finished puzzle (minus one lost piece) We put it together by a stream!
Tenille snagging a box to do our puzzle on:)
ToonieBug at the stream in the doggie walk park.
Tenille & me at the Dog Park (no smart remarks:)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Grandparents' Day

Kaylie and Grandma at Grandparents' Day. We had a great time and Kaylie's class even performed a poem with actions.
Grandma and Savannah at grandparents' day at Veteran School. She had drawn a picture of what she will look like when she's a grandma and what she will do. Very cute!