Sunday, May 17, 2009

Newport Oregon Condo trip March 2009

Tanya and Cole at the beach at Newport

Tanya & Cole swimming in the pool at the condo in Newport, Oregon

Marlene (great-grandma) spent a lot of time relaxing and reading:)

Kathy (grandma) and Cole at the lighthouse.

Tanya and Cole at the lighthouse in Oregon

Cole with a parachute man on the beach

The bathing beauties knitting hats!

Cole Joseph Terry in his beach gear.....he loves running on the beach!
My mom, Marlene, at the beach in Oregon

Tanya and Cole on Agate Beach in Newport, Oregon

Tanya getting ready to fly her kite at the park:)

Tanya & Cole picking flowers at the park in Newport, Oregon

Cole running up and down the hill at the park.

Me with my flower headband out of wildflowers at the park in Newport, Oregon

Tanya trying to fly a kite off the balcony with Cole watching

Kathy, Marlene, Tanya & Cole at the end of our beach stay:)

Morro Bay with Tanya and Cole

Tanya collecting tiny shells on the beach while Cole watches

Tanya and Cole feeding the squirrels at Morro Rock

Tanya and squirrel eating popcorn on her lap near the beach by Morro Rock


We went to see the poppy fields with Steve and Janet Hansen near Lancaster, CA