Sunday, August 2, 2009

July Fun!

Tara and I went rafting down the Kern with a church!

Santa Barbara Trip(we rode bikes for two days and went 35 miles) Sam, Steve Hansen & Kathy

Kathy, Janet and Steve Hansen

Ate dinner at the Harbor Cafe right on the beach....beautiful night:)

Latest Lucky kitty pic.....chases and attacks EVERYTHING, even when it doesn't move!
(right now it is trying to chase the arrow on the computer screen)

Out to dinner at Black Angus with Patty and Ron Bulkeley and G&G Richards

the rest of the dinner party...Sam, Jacob and Tara Krumm, and Brittany and Thad Bulkeley

Tara scrapbooking by the pool

Thad and Sam working on the pond area (Sam's motto: if it is green or flowering, tear it out!

Thad and his daughter, Andi, warming up after a swim.

Thad and his son, Sammy

Made Paige and Andi a house out of a big box

Heads out of the big box:)

"Sleeping" inside the big box

Paige Princess and Andi Princess (check out the shoes:)

Kaylie's Baptism

Chair of honor:) Kaylie's big day!
? Grandpa Sam, Uncle Thad,Daddy Jacob,
Grandpa McNeil, Daddy Trenton, Great Grandpa Richards

Sam, Kathy, Jacob, Tara (Paige) Grandma Richard, Grandpa Richards
Savannah, Kaylie, Nate, Hannah & Andi

All the kids (I won't even try:)