Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finishing Out the Year of 2009

Tenille, our own waitress:)
Tenille and Grandma Richards at Christmas Eve
Jacob and Tara singing for the program
Grandma and Grandpa Richards getting ready for Christmas Dinner
Thad, Tara & Tenille
Tanya made everyone a quilt/blanket for Christmas, and we love them!
Grandpa Bulkeley reading the Santa Letter to Paige and Andi

Grandchildren Christmas stockings (note the one at the end....for Matt & Tenille's boy:)
Tenille, Andi, Tara, Jacob and Summer
Andi pushing Paige in the stuffed animal basket
Tenille graciously cut many heads of hair at Christmas, including Sammy's first haircut!
Tenille cutting Grandma Richard's hair at Thad's house
The after pic of the haircut....cute Grandma!
Tenille cutting Daddy Sam's hair too.
Tenille & Mom Kathy(new haircut)
Heather, Emma, Thad, Sammy and Jacob at Thanksgiving Dinner
Brittany, Summer, Kendall, Heather and Emma
Ben, Kirsten, Grandpa & Grandma Richards
Andi and Paige dressed up (as usual)
Mexico trip to Rosarito Beach: Grandpa Richards, Ron, Patti, Grandma Richard, Sam & Kathy
Lobster dinner in Mexico....yummmm!
Dinner at the house in Mexico (I guess all we did was eat!)
Sam and Kathy in costume for the "Savior of the World" musical
Jacob, Savannah, Tara and Nate were in the musical too
Kathy, Sam, Tara, Savannah Jacob & Nate (Jacob played the part of Joseph)
Our cat Lucky climbing a tree
Lucky "helping"
Aunt Tara and Birthday Boy Sammy at his first birthday.

Sammy enjoying his cake (notice the golf ball in his right hand:)

Andi and Paige with their dress-up shoes & shades at Sammy's Birthday party.