Thursday, December 22, 2011

End of the Year 2011 Part 1

Tenille fishing with Easton

Matt & Easton

Easton sharing his birthday cake with his mommy

Easton, Matt & Tenille at Easton's first birthday
Tenille enjoying Easton's party

Tenille & Hughie (who is no longer with us:(

Easton and Daddy Matt the policeman

Of course we can't get together without a beauty night!

Paige, Tara, Tenille & Easton at the Wild Animal Preserve

Aunt Tara with Easton
Paige with her Nutcracker

Tara, Paige, Tenille & Easton at the Chico Museum

Tenille & Tara with the finished puzzle? That's how many pieces were missing!
Paige and Andi after their dance recital

The Mighty Fishermen!

Little Sammy helping Big Sammy with the pond

Kathy's birthday

Paige at Magic Mountain

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's About Time!

Sam and Kathy at Sam's 40th Class Reunion for Bakersfield High School
This is only half of the class picture, they had to do it in shifts...can you spot Sam?
Paige and Cole
Tara, Tanya, Brent, Rita and Thad
Cole playing with peanut butter play doh
Sam, Kathy, Janet & Steve at Morro Bay
Jacob's birthday
Brent and Sam
Tara and Rita

Sammy's first gift at his birthday was this top, and once he opened it, he didn't care about any other gifts.
Sammy "helping" grandma
Sam and Kathy at YSA Halloween Party
Sam sitting in his new "man cave"
Our family picture in December
Cole at his 3rd birthday with Tanya painting his face.
Tenille (holding Easton), Kathy and Tanya at Cole's birthday party
Grandpa and Grandma Bigelow holding Easton
Matt and Easton (getting ready to play Chicken Foot)
Thad with one of his great gifts from the Christmas White Elephant
What is this? Billy and Cole are trying to figure it out.
Tanya holding Roxie, and Billy holding Cole
Tanya and Easton
Tenille, Thad, Tanya and Tara
Grandpa Sam after reading the Santa Letter
Sam, Thad and Sammy with the Princess Castle project
Grandma Richards' 90th birthday party at Black Angus. Kathy, Thad, Brittany, Tara, Jacob, Patti, Ron, Rita and Brent
Tara and Kathy in their "beautiful" dresses to sing at the Masterworks Chorale Christmas Program
Joseph(Andi) and Mary (Paige) and notice that the newborn baby is already sitting up!
Nativity Scene: Tara, Thad,Tanya, Tenille, Andi, Paige, Hannah, Savannah and Kaylie